Theodore’s Baptism

What a spiritual and social event Christenings are. Theodore’s Christening today was a true celebration of faith, life and hope for the future. Congratulations on this special day Theodore, it is clear that you are truly loved.




Lola and Audrey

Baby sitting these two beauties today and couldn’t resist grabbing the camera for some snaps.

I would absolutely have loved to have a sister. Lucky for me I not only get to capture great moments between sisters but have an awesome lot of Queens in my life that are true treasures.





Meet little Daisy – Lifestyle Photography

Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Nicole and Josh’s newest little girl, Daisy. What a blessing to have 3 gorgeous girls to love and cherish. Big sisters Eliza and Lola are such little mothers in the making lining up all afternoon for big cuddles and nurses of Daisy. Feeling very grateful to have the opportunity to meet this sweet family in their home for a lifestyle photography session.





Married – Rod and Wendy

A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of capturing Rod and Wendy’s wedding. It was a low key affair set within their very own backyard, with close family and friends in attendance. It was clear that they are absolutely smitten with each other. Rod, my former boss, who at times during the shoot I wanted to address him as ‘Sir’, caused me many a silent giggle.

I wish you both all the very best for the years ahead, may they be filled with much love, laughter and merriment.

SJCjokes_1057 SJCAlfamiy_1174

SJCMr&MrsJonestextureoverlay2_1084 SJCringsBW_0881



The Perfect Shot.

As a photographer I am always striving for that perfect shot. I Facebook stalk a lot of other photographers work and especially newborn photography. In addition I also read loads of posts, articles and blogs relating to ‘how tos’ and ‘tips and tricks’ to get the shot. A very time consuming activity. Each session I definitely feel as though I get at least one great shot. Each time just a little bit better. My camera skills and settings improve and so too does the post editing through photoshop. I must admit there are many images in the ‘deleted bin’ labelled ‘what was I thinking – clearly I was delusional’ for there is no chance that that shot would be any good, let alone ‘the shot’. During my last newborn in home studio shoot I got my best shot ever! I am totally amazed and thrilled at what I was able to produce. The killer is this, can I do it again? Time I guess will tell. The best part is that I am continuing to learn and my confidence is growing. At times I am so disappointed with what I can produce and need reminding of where I began. Below is two images. The first is a photo I took about 4 years ago when one of my dear school friends gave birth to her second child – Brodie. The second is of baby Charlotte shot a little less then 2 weeks ago. Both babes are very cute, no one could dispute that, but the photography skills and positioning are clearly worlds apart. Each 5 years I vow to post a blog such as this one to remind me of where I began and how far I have come. I hope that the difference in my work continues to grow in the years to come. BRODIE SJCCharlotte_1644 P.S. Aren’t those little lips just to die for. Simone x

The Birth of Little Paddy.

A few months ago I had the absolute pleasure of capturing the birth of little Paddy. A planned c-section.


It is now 1 year and a few months since I typed those two top sentences and I am back determined to finish this blog post. Back to the subject though, the birth of little Paddy. Paddy is the 3rd babe of two dear friends and I jumped at the chance to photograph their experiences inside the walls of the theatre room. Dressed in my best ‘greens’ I witness one of the most powerful experiences I think I will ever in my life (bar the birth of my own 4 children).

 DSC2_9735 copy

What is totally amazing is the sheer joy you witness in parents eyes when their child is born. Whether by natural birth or c-section does not change the feelings within their eyes of pure love.  After this experience birth photography would certainly be a dream job.


Oliver’s Hospital Session

Meet the gorgeous little man ‘Oliver’ just 4 days new and so very precious. He has the perfect newborn baby skin and the peacefulness that goes with those early days. Congrats to his Mummy and Daddy who are so clearly already smitten. I predict some wonderful times ahead for this little family. ENJOY!